a closer look


Hello, and welcome to my new, and developing, CV and resume page. What I have here now is minimal, confined largely to a briefer-than-usual academic CV.

Some basic info: I am a professor of political science at Jackson State University these days. Meanwhile, over the past few years, I have done a substantial amount of freelance question-writing and course development work for higher education textbook publishers.

As for what I study and teach, I am currently working on research projects involving the teaching and learning of political science (work inspired by my freelance work, and a newer thing) and the politics of local or urban community development (a longtime thing). I am American politics and policy person but lean toward an interest in urban and local affairs. As for what I teach: It’s mostly American politics and government and, lately, U.S. judicial politics.  

Also notable: I have done some not-so-academic freelance communications work over time, including the last few years. As of late, however, I have put that work aside, so I will not be stressing it here. On the other hand, I am still an avid, mostly amateur photographer. I will just keep that side of myself and my life to my photo page.

Thank you for visiting. 

p.s.: Oh, and I have somewhat different glasses now. Important!